Bony Fiddle Development – Blog Has Been Migrated… Finally

While development of the corporate website for Bony Fiddle Entertainment continues, we’re pleased to announce the new blog is up and running – yay!

About bloody time, right?

Old articles have been successfully migrated off the old blog platform without any damage. Some have even been given a facelift and we’ve been sure to include lots of media in others. There were quite a few things we have so far not been able to share with everyone due to editing and access limitations with the old platform, but those days are gone. We’ll continue to populate the new blog, so there’s lots of interesting things for you to view and read about.

new Bony skull avatar up on the blog

The ever-talented Blair Mueller tackled a reboot of the company logo which now appears as the blog banner you see up top there – pretty cool, eh? He incorporated the new skull icon into it (even cooler) that he created from an image taken of the actual sculpted Bony Fiddle skull made by… you guessed it, Blair Mueller. Honestly? It’s sickening how multi-talented he is some days. I can barely stand him.

Love you, dude!

While we’re continuing with the reorganisation, can’t promise you there’ll be a tonne of blog posts just yet.  Don’t worry, we’re working up to it.  Anything comes up?  We’ll let you know.  Thanks for hanging in there!

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JD Stanley

JD Stanley - Executive Producer/Owner, Writer, Script Doctor, Corporate Bullshit-Wrangler at Bony Fiddle